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Why 10,000 Steps a Day?

Why 10000 steps a dayIt all started in Japan many, many years ago with a doctor ahead of his time… and today, it still rings true.

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A step in the right direction

A Step in the Right Direction - Walking ArticleAre you looking for easy everyday ways to increase your step count to 10,000 steps and beyond? Well, step right up! The secret to reaching 10,000 steps can be found in sneaking in a few simple exercises that will get the pedometer ticking over again.

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Need a helping hand towards your first 10,000 steps?

Need a helping hand towards 10000 stepsWhile 10,000 steps can feel like a huge number, it's very achievable. All it takes is a little planning. Try these 8 smart tips to help you make BIG changes to your daily step count.

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How Active Are You?

How active are you? walking articleThe world is full of people doing varying amounts of exercise. For Australian marathon runner, Robert de Castella, a workout is a 20km run. For American actress Phyllis Diller, “It’s a good, brisk sit.” So how do you measure up with the rest of the population?

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Pedometer for a Newbie

Pedometer for a newbieIt may look a little hi-tech at first, but on closer inspection you’ll find this nifty personal trainer is very easy to use and will soon become your indispensable, take-everywhere workplace challenge buddy.

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Keeping Pace in Perfect Place

With so  many pedometers on the marketWith so many pedometers on the market that perform with greatest accuracy from different locations, it's important to know where and how to fit yours correctly. Waist? Pocket? Neck? Bag? Here's how to jockey for the best postion.

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