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10,000 Steps Australia Pack

Every participant receives a welcome pack prior to the start of the challenge, whether it's the full challenge pack which includes the G-Sensor pedometer or the BYOD challenge pack that excludes the pedometer.
G-Sensor Pocket PedometerParticipants can choose to wear the GS2027 pedometer in their pocket or use the detachable belt-clip to pop it onto the waistband. It's small, silent and best of all it has 7 day memory.
Link Connected Devices (Activity Trackers)Participants can link and sync their connected devices such as Fitbit, Garmin and Misfit Activity Trackers to their personal homepage. We automatically feed the step/activity data to the our site throughout the day for the step challenge duration.
Personal homepageSecure login to a personalised website where you can enter steps, track your goals and take a virtual team journey through Top End Australia. Share and compare results against others.
Welcome bookletPacked full of walking tips and great ideas to help you make the most of your 10,000 Steps Australia website.

Reward & Recognition

A little bragging rights coming your way… Youʼll love the virtual trophy room. Just for registering we pop a trophy on the shelf to kickstart your collection.
Team Challenge TrophiesTry to collect all 3 virtual challenge trophies. The more steps your team records, the more trophies you will collect.
Personal Step Milestone Medals “Every step counts!” Reach a milestone and not only does your name get etched on the milestone shield for all to see, you earn virtual milestone medals that go straight into your trophy room.
Team Leader boardsA little friendly rivalry never hurt anyone. See whoʼs topping the charts!
CertificateDownload a personalised certificate of achievement at the end of the challenge.

Walking Plans

Need a helping hand towards 10,000 steps a day? No worries, you have a choice of walking plans designed to help you break through the 10,000 step barrier and beyond.
Baseline Step CalculatorInstantly create a personal pedometer step plan. This is the only ʻpersonalised walking planʼ creator on the web. You will love this!
Walking for weight loss & fitnessDedicated walkers can download a walking plan thatʼs designed to have you burning more calories and blasting through weight loss plateaus.These optional walking plans really work!
Weekly challenge newslettersPacked with walking hints, mini-step challenges and healthy lifestyle tips so you can get the most out of your adventure.

Team Captain

Relax – itʼs not mergers and acquisitions. Leading the team is all fun and no sweat!
Captain's DashboardInstantly review detailed team progress and stats.
Team BuilderCreating your team is fast and easy. You select your team – we do the rest!
Manage offline playersEasy, no fuss interface to log walks for offline players (Offline members are optional)
MotivateCommunication is the key to delivering a great walking challenge - Instantly email one or all of your team-mates or fellow team captains.


Challenge Set Up

You will be guided through the challenge set up – itʼs smart, intuitive and hassle-free.
Customize your challengeYou select your start date and team size of 5 or 7 staff members. Customise your staffʼs registration with your own words and company logo. You can even create your own webpages.
Create your own activity calculatorYou choose the activities you want the calculator to convert to steps. eg. cycling, swimming, aerobics
Rally the troopsYou have a host of resources at your finger tips. Use the e-flyer to announce when registration opens for the 10,000 Steps Australia Challenge. Download and print posters to promote the event.
Create order for welcome packsOnce teams have been finalised and payment is complete, your 10,000 Steps Australia welcome packs will be dispatched.

Reward & Recognition

Itʼs never been simpler to reward outstanding performances, and finding the right people to reward is quick and easy.
Inbuilt Virtual MedalsUse our inbuilt recognition program. Award a virtual medal to an outstanding performer.
Challenge CertificateItʼs all done for you. Every challenge participant will receive a downloaded PDF certificate.
Custom Web pagesCreate your own web pages. Add content to cross promote workplace events, and announce prize winners or existing wellness programs within your workplace.

Manage Participants

Looking after 20 or 3,000 participants doesnʼt need to be a headache. Having the latest technology and smart tools at your fingertips will make managing your workplace challenge a breeze.
Team BuilderView how many staff have registered, who are in teams, how many teams are complete and so much more. Stress-free and totally under you control at all times!
Off-line PlayersInvolve your whole workplace. Staff in remote locations or without internet access can also participate in the challenge. Itʼs perfect for multi-site workplaces.
CommunicationCommunication is the key to delivering a great walking challenge – instantly email a single participant, a team or everyone in the challenge.
Manage extended sick or annual leaveWe have created a very special, user-friendly way to ensure no team is disadvantaged by participants who are on holiday or sick. Tell you more about that later!


A helping hand when you need it. We havenʼt forgotten the importance of maintaing momentum, from day one to the last day. You have unlimited access to a host of ideas to keep the challenge fresh and fun.
Pre-Launch E-FlyersRally the troops – use one of our e-flyers already fully customised with your company logo and coordinatorʼs contact info. This is a great way to spread the news and get staff to register for the challenge.
PDF PostersPlaster the halls, staffroom fridge and office walls with the 10,000 Steps Australia challenge posters. Promote ways to take more steps and be a little healthier.
During the ChallengeThese throw up excellent ideas for team members to ʻcreate more steps during the work dayʼ. We have a stack of tips and tricks that boost individual participation and step counts. Weʼll deliver these every week via email to you.


Never wait for reports again. Our on-demand reporting is a key feature - we know you need up-to- the-minute stats and information on every facet of the program.
Pre-ChallengeKnowing whoʼs registered and which teams are complete ensures you are in total control and able to focus your attention on particular areas.
During ChallengeFind out whoʼs been logging walks, the teamsʼ progress and who the most improved walkers are. Generating graphical, printable reports is easy.
Post Challenge - It’s a WrapOnce your challenge is finished, itʼs time to create and download your final reports. These cover everything from participation levels, team performance, prize winners, survey responses and more.
Create your own SurveyGathering feedback about the 10,000 Steps Australia Challenge is vital. You have the option to create your own online survey questionnaire or use one of ours and generate a report listing all responses.


Help is never far away. Everything you need to master the 10,000 Steps Australia website is accessible from your dashboard.
VeronicaThink of Veronica as your personal assistant. While she wonʼt make you coffee or pick up your dry cleaning, she does know the website better than anyone. Veronica is on hand to guide you to key components of the challenge and ongoing management of your 10,000 Steps Australia challenge.
How to GuidesWant a hand? How-to guides are available and accessible from your coordinatorʼs dashboard.
Account ManagerYour 10,000 Steps Australia account manager will assist you from beginning to end. They will only be an email or phone call away.
Technical SupportPlease read our System Requirement to ensure your workplace will have the best experience. Your IT department is welcome to contact our IT team. Email / phone assistance is available throughout the challenge.
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