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10000 Steps Mobile App The 10,000 Steps Australia mobile phone app is now available. It's specifically developed for our log step/activity calculator. It's for participants who may be away from their computers and the mobile app allows them to log their steps or activity regularly and easily!

Currently, the below URL will take you directly to the Log walk app.

The mobile url is

What Phone/Platform do I need to use the Mobile App?

To use the mobile web app, you need a device capable of running one of the following full featured mobile web browsers:

  • Opera Mobile 9.7+ (Windows Mobile - touch and smart-phones, Nokia S60 phones) - (Opera Mini is NOT supported )
  • Safari Mobile (iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Android Web Browser (Android-based phones)

If you have a compatible Windows Mobile or Nokia phone, but do not have a compatible browser you can go to:-

The '10,000 Steps Australia' mobile web app may be compatible with other browsers not listed here.

If you're a bit of a guru and know the features of your browsers, the following are required for the app to work:

  • HTML 4+
  • CSS2+

Full Javascript, including AJAX (xmlHttpRequest and DOM manipulation

Limitations using a Mobile App

Mobile devices differ greatly in features (screen size, resolution, processing power, etc)  and the software that runs them. For this reason we have developed the mobile page as a web app to reach more of our members. Even so the web app may be quite different even on supported devices due to the aforementioned features. 

We expect that even people using the listed compatible platforms may experience differences in at least zooming of the screen and speed.